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Frequently Asked Questions

What will the cost be for the garage conversion plans?

Typical Garage Conversion Design Fees:
Design and Draw
Technical Drawings for Building Control Application


Council application fees vary from Council to Council and are charged separately to our fees.

If your extension requires any further local authority reports, such as a flood risk assessment, tree survey, structural calculations etc; then these are charged separately to our design fees.

Fees quoted above are for a typical garage conversion. If you have a complicated design or further works then we may quote you more for the design work . Please contact us for a quote.

What areas do you cover?
We cover all of England and Wales with our services. We have over 34 designers across the UK. Please see the map below to find your nearest designer.

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If you would like to check if we cover your area, then please Contact us and we will email or telephone you back.

Do your fees include VAT?
The price is all inclusive. The only fees we need you to pay on top are the council fees for planning permission (if required) and the building regulations fee.

Why are your fees considerably less than traditional practices?
Traditional architects can charge £1000+ to design a garage conversion. At garage conversion plans our fixed fees start at £195 if its only a planning permission drawing that you require.

Do you guarantee a building regulations approval?
Yes. We have designed thousands of garage conversions all over the UK. We often work for specialist garage conversion companies when they need a set of plans and council approvals.

Why should I choose your services and what are the advantages?
The advantages of having a fully approved set of plans enable you to choose any builder you would like to construct your garage conversion.

The simple fact is, the more control you have selecting your builder, the more control you have over the cost of the garage conversion.

I have known of garage conversion companies quoting £10,000 - £15,000 for a garage conversion, and the client then getting their own builder and completing the job for under £7,000. It pays for you to organize the plans and then to ask a builder to quote for the job.

If you use a garage conversion franchise, the franchise will have to pay up to 20% of the fee per job, back the parent company as part of the franchise agreement, as you can imagine this is added onto your bill.

Do you apply to the Local Authority for building regulations approval?
The forms are quite complicated and a mistake can cost weeks of delays, so we fill all forms and act as your agent. We submit all of our applications using the governments submit-a-plan web site. This saves postage time as the application is with the council the same day.

Do your fees include the local authority building regulations fee?
No, the Building Regulations plan check fee is payable to the local authority and is paid by the homeowner. The building regulations plan check fee is normally between £135.00 and £165.00, dependant upon your local authority.

What happens if the council want our garage conversion amending, and do you charge for this?
Amendments are always free using our service. If you need you plans amending then just drop us an email or call explaining the change and we will have your amended plans back to you within a few days.

How many sets of plans will I get?
We provide the homeowner with 4 sets of plans. We also send you a copy of the plans in PDF format by email, should you wish to print your own additional copies.

How detailed are your drawings?
Our drawings are extremely detailed and fully annotated. All of our work is produced in the UK by qualified staff. Typically a set of drawings will include existing and proposed plans and elevations. Our drawings are far more detailed than actually required for planning permission and building regulations approvals. All of our drawings are computer generated using the latest AutoCAD software. Samples of our drawings are available for viewing on this web site.

How long do the approvals from the Local Authority take to be processed?

Planning permission generally takes around 8 weeks from submission and a building regulations application is around 3 to 5 weeks. Both can run at the same time if required to save time.

Can I start building my garage conversion before obtaining building regulation approval?
No - we recommend that you obtain a building regulations approval before your builder starts the work. This covers your builder so he knows the plans have been approved by the local authority and also covers you should the building control want any of the plans slightly amending.

Do you have any general advice about a garage conversion?
We would recommend that you stay away from building notice applications, this is where a builder constructs your garage conversion without a set of approved plans.

Builders sometimes try to tell home-owners that a set of plans is not required and this will only delay the process. This is often due to builders wanting to take a deposit payment from the homeowner and to start the works straight away.

A set of approved building plans will resolve any issues before a garage conversion is even started and its nice for a home-owner to see what they will get from their garage conversion.

What other services do you provide?
We also design external garages, domestic extensions, loft conversions, porches and conservatories for planning permission and building regulations submissions to you local authority.

If you have a question that you would like us to answer please use the contact us link, and I will post them to this page.


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